Monday, April 8, 2013

Stebbins/St. Michael

WOW!! What a trip I had in Stebbins...started off that I was notified a student nurse (from Anchorage) was coming with me on my village trip as part of her curriculum for nursing school. Like a preceptorship. It was like..."Hope you don't mind  if I told a student they can go with you?" Me....uhhhh "guess not".  I have never taken a student on a village trip before...but so glad I did, because she was SUCH a joy and really wants to learn. THANK GOODNESS SHE WAS A SWEETHEART AND NOT A WINE BUCKET... because this was the worst village trip I have ever had to endure. We were supposed to go to the village of Stebbins. There was three of us on the plane. Well, they could not land in Stebbins due to fog so the pilot said "I have to land in St. Michael, the 'agent' will be here to get you within 5 to 15 mins and take you to Stebbins, and if you don't want to stay here I will fly back by on my way back from Unalakleet to come back and get you". I first have to say that Stebbins and St. Michael are the only two villages out of all our villages that are connected by a gravel trail...about 10 miles. It is drivable by 4-wheeler, snow machine or possible a real vehicle. I must also state that St. Michael has the longest air strip away from the village...from the air strip to St. Michael it is 3.5 miles....then another 10 miles to Stebbins. So there we get dumped off of the, my student, and an Alaska Native guy whom had no gloves with him. The student and I have 9 bags. So our bags get thrown off in the snow near the plane and the pilot takes off. Let me also state that no one knows we are there because it was not a scheduled landing. It was FREEZING COLD WITH THE WIND BLOWING...we stand there shivering for OVER AN HOUR!! NO ONE COMES...I THINK MY VACCINES ARE FROZEN....I AM SHIELDING THEM FROM THE WIND. CRAZY!! I call four times demanding to speak with the manager....I am calling the clinics in Stebbins and St. Michael....trying to find SOMEONE THAT CAN COME GET US. FINALLY someone from St. Michael clinic comes and picks us up and brings us to Stebbins...of course the airline ERA said would have have to PAY for someone to bring us out there because they won't cover it. ERA is definitely going to be getting a long letter from me!!

My little student standing out in the middle of NOWHERE as we wait for rescue!

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