Thursday, July 18, 2013

We have moved

Iran and I have moved to Bethel, Alaska.....several hundred miles South of Nome on the Kuskokwim River. Bethel is not accessible by road...but by plane. It is more remote than Nome and much rougher. I had planned on writing a bunch about us moving before we left Nome but "it all happened so fast"! We moved here for Iran to work/train in aviation mechanics. Currently our computer and household goods are on the barge. We flew in on Tuesday..and I went straight to work. I must say....I have been very sad since moving here....Bethel is a rough place. Our apartment (that we pay mega bucks for) looks just like a hotel room. I am attempting to send pics to the blog via my phone. Upon arrival we had to clean contents off the toilet and I literally pulled a long rope of hair out of the shower drain. When I was at a super low point today...God brought a Godly lady across my path that had been so lonely since moving here a couple months God gave me a new friend! When I count my blessings...things don't seem so bad.

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