Tuesday, January 7, 2014

The whole reason we moved to Bethel was for Iran to go to aviation mechanic school which worked out perfect for me because they had a state of Alaska public health nursing job open...so thankfully I transferred right in. Well now the brand new aviation mechanic school has been shut down by the FAA...for we don't know how long. My coworker's husband is a manager of the local Alaska Native vocational/state trooper training school here. They were just starting a new CDL class (commercial driving license)...and could not get anyone to sign up due to the cost. The school is really supposed to be to help train and provide jobs for Alaska Natives. So since Iran could not attend the aviation mechanic school and the Alaska Native training vocational school could not get anyone to sign up for the CDL class that they had barged an 18 wheeler in for.....they let Iran in....consequently he was the ONLY student that showed up every day. He passed with flying colors. But that is not the only thing God worked out. Iran's good friend in Anchorage helps teach a conceal and carry class so Iran got to go to that....already having to get a back ground check and get his finger prints done (which can't be done here in Bethel). By having the finger prints and the background check he was able to take the test and get his HAZMAT endorsement to drive a fuel truck. Which there are not very many people here that are able to drive a fuel truck simply due to the fact that they don't have the HAZMAT endorsement. They fly drivers in all the time from Anchorage. So all that is one positive thing about Bethel that was all in God's plan. SO THANKFUL FOR THAT!
I happened to see Iran out filling up someone's heating fuel and got a picture. 

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  1. Praise the Lord, Lisa! He knows our needs before we do. Hey, with all your stuff sitting around, the natives probably think you are so rich that you don't really need that snow machine! ;) Hang in there, girl! Love your testimony! -Amanda Sargent