Sunday, January 5, 2014

We have too much stuff

Our "dorm/hotel room" has 12 apartments in all. Iran and Lisa's junk take up more space than anyone in all 12 apartments....YIKES. As I was walking out of the "laundry shed" if I look to my right..there is is our big blue trailer "filled with treasures" :)...if I walk along the side of the building there sets our two four wheelers, snow machine and last but not least our grill. Then of course out in front sets our car. EMBARRASSING! We take up all the space!


  1. Even in Alaska we have too many possessions! :-)
    Hey, we had -8 with a windchill of -21 here in KC this morning!!! No really, thanks for sending that..........:-)

  2. Now David...we wish is was colder here! All the snow has turned into thick ice...can't walk without ice cleats. I really do believe in global warming :) you guys are way colder than we are!