Monday, February 17, 2014

Bethel Dog Show

My friend/coworker's dog was competing in the annual "Bethel Dog Show" and asked me about going. So Iran and I attended....we wanted to go in support of my friend's dog. I am so glad we went.....what fun it was. My friend's dog was the most regal dog out there. Most all the dogs competing could not walk on a leash, barked incessantly, and were dog aggressive. Iran and I kept looking at each other thinking "is this for real"? Most of the dogs were OUT OF CONTROL! They had different categories of competition..and when the winner would be announced Iran and I would look at each other like "ARE YOU SERIOUS"? The most obnoxious, incessant bakers that tried to bite other dogs would win in the category. Did I mention "accidents" would happen on the "show room" floor? Was really good entertainment.

My friend's husband is in blue with their dog Trinity...she was a wonderful sweet obedient dog and won everything she competed in.....she and two other dogs were pretty much the only obedient one's there.

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