Saturday, February 22, 2014

Crooked Creek population 105

The village of Crooked Creek was just BEAUTIFUL!! The one thing I DO NOT like doing is flying in a 207 tiny and feels like we are flying in a tin can.
When I first arrived in Crooked Creek...this elderly gentleman asked me if I had had lunch yet..I said no...he said would you like to have a sandwich...I said sure. So here he comes with two sandwiches..and says turkey/cheese/mayo/butter just how I like em'. It was hard to choke down the butter but was so sweet of him to make them for me.
Crooked Creek is a honey bucket village....but the school and clinic...have running water. :) Thankfully
Cooked Creek from the air

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One of my turkey/cheese/mayo/butter sandwiches

My room at the "Fish Lodge"

Crooked Creek is right on the river...sooo pretty

The Cooked Creek "Fish Lodge"

Sweet little girl named Angela I met that was quite the talker :)

Crooked Creek Post Office


  1. Great photos! I live in NH and I love following your blog and seeing your photos. So different from where I live.

  2. She had her camera! she took lots of photos!! and she got them posted!! :-)
    Great photos, thank you for posting them! Amazing what you get to see and experience. Angela looks like a doll!