Sunday, March 23, 2014

Village of Sleetmute...population approx 86

WOW WEE.... I LOVED the village of Sleetmute...of course Sleetmute would not happen to be "my" village! I took a new nurse to train her on "her" assigned village. This village is what I imagined Alaska to be like. This village is little...from K-12 there is only 16 kids in the whole it was VERY easy to get their TB testing done.
Our new nurse Trisa and I
Sleetmute Post Office
Sleetmute City Building

Sleetmute School

Me walking in very cold temps and should have had a hat on...but my qiviut neck warmer kept me toasty!
Sleetmute from the air
Sleetmute from the air

The tiniest village we serve....Red Devil..only a few people live there.
Frozen River

Frozen River
The tiny village of Stony you can see only a handful of houses.

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