Saturday, June 7, 2014

Inside our new place

So I did a walk through of the entire tiny house we live in...earlier today I posted the ready or not...clean or not...I just did a walk through every bit of "you" can see what it looks like inside. From our tiny kitchen to the tiny bathroom that has no door.
At least the arctic entry is pretty good Iran's million dollar bike can fit nicely in there :)


  1. Thank you for getting us up to speed. Tiny, but comfortable looks to me. I am sure we would find it amazing how much water we use here in the lower 48!

  2. Actually that we moved here...we REALLY do love it in our new place and it's sooooooo quiet! It's TINY as everywhere we have seem to live in AK but like you said it's comfortable. As for the water issue.....I like to think I have for sure not wasted water...but never been in a situation where every drop counted. Like Iran's teaching us something! :) Still waiting on you to come visit! That's why we got that futon...if anyone comes at least they will have a place to sleep :) And we will arrange an extra water delivery so you can take a about that!?? ;)