Sunday, September 28, 2014

Papa Bears Adventures

Our friend Boris whom we met last summer was a pilot for Papa Bears Adventures here in Bethel. A wonderful couple runs it....they bring hunters out to remote places to do things like hunting and fishing. They do all kinds of things.....drop people off...pick them up days later if bears have not eaten them....etc. :) Many of the hunters get a moose for the prize antlers not the meat....even if they want the meat a moose is so huge they can't take it all back with them from wherever they came from. So there is one day out of the year in Aug you can call Papa Bears Adventures and have the owners put you "on the list" if a hunter has extra meat when they come in from a trip. Even though Iran got a moose this year....we share so much of it we were almost out already..... so I put us "on the list"....and out of the blue I got the call from the super nice owners saying we have some meat at the lake for you...come get it.  So Iran goes to get the moose leg.......A LOT of meat in one leg. They had it all bagged up in a nice game bag and the meat was super clean...doesn't get much better than that...AND IT'S FREE!! We have already made so many moose dishes this good!

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