Monday, May 4, 2009


Pictures are a little out of order....but make sure you see them all......they are not out-dated .... all happened with in the last week. The Montana and South Dakota ones are just a little out of sequence. :)


  1. It's neat getting to see the pictures! I am so glad you are keeping a blog! When you get back to the lower 48, I will show you how to go back and print out all the posts and pictures from you blog and you can put them in a scrapbook! (I still need to get MY blog printed into hardcopy for the kids to have...I'm such a procrastinator...I'm just FOUR years behind with getting it done!)

    Wow! I am shocked at the price of gas! You know we are needing to replace my car (I think I told you...maybe not...the AC has given us fits...after FIVE times of "repairing" it (sometimes to the tune of $900 in the past YEAR AND A HALF, they finally CORRECTLY diagnosed the problem and it is going to cost $1,400...more than our otherwise very reliable old junker is even worth...SOOOOO...we are car shopping). (I know AC doesn't sound like a real neccessity where you are! But, it still gets HOT here where I am, and driving across seven counties to make rural visits is not something I care to do in a non-AC car! It stinks to spend an hour cooking en route to your next client!) Anyway, we've been considering a Toyota Prius (gets 50+'s an electric hybrid).

    Actually, with gas prices that high, maybe you ought to buy a four wheeler FAST...(or snowmobile?)...something small that would use less gas than your SUV!

    Do they ever RUN OUT OF GAS towards the end of the year? That would be horrible...and not have gas available in the very state that produces the most gas!

    Well, I would write more, but my son is here standing over me waiting to get his feet sprayed. I am telling you, he has the STINKIEST FEET I have EVER seen. I just had enough of it the other day and bought some foot deodorant spray to coat his feet before he puts his socks on and some deodorant powder to sprinkle in his rank tennis shoes. Even RAYNA has smelly feet...just the two youngest ones in the family! They change their socks every day. They bathe every hoop stitch. I buy them new shoes every time I turn around. But, five minutes in their shoes and they've already got horridly stinky feet....smell it from the other side of the room and get nauseous-stinky-feet!!! Well, NO MORE! We have solved the problem!!! But, now, I have to quit chatting with you and go spray Doug's feet. I can't just let him do it himself or he would have half the house and two thirds of his body and his little sister and the dogs sprayed in addition to his grubby little feet (you know Doug!)!

    Miss you, Lisa (and Iran) (and Gabs)....


  2. I'm back!

    Darcy is my only kid without stinky feet...BUT that is probably because (to my dismay) she insists on never wearing anything but flip flops EVEN in the middle of winter. Teenagers! It isn't just my the dead of winter I see lots of other teenagers running around with flimsey, thin shorts, hoodies, and flip flops...while snow is FALLING! I think that is the fashion here!

    One thing about being the mother of a teenager...I am learning to let go of things a lot more. Some battles are simply not worth fighting! The older I get (and I am getting pretty old these days!) the less I stress over the small continual flip flops. (We DON'T allow her to wear them to church. But, I've given in on her wearing them to school and every place else in the world.) At least her feet never stink!

    One good thing about teenagers is they get so much more self-sufficient. Darcy has been doing all of her own laundry and she cooks supper quite frequently without even being asked...just gets inspired and hops to it! Could be that my lack of culinary expertise is a bit of a motivator there...

    I'm eager to hear how your Cinco de Mayo plans work out!!! I hope you will post pictures!!!

    I'm excited to hear that you are going to try and post every day. It's hard posting daily, but once you get into the rhythm of it, it'll be a lot easier! I used to post daily on the Dumplings, Three blog...but since I made the blog private I haven't been as diligent about that. Ransom doesn't even post daily. But, if YOU post daily, we will be inspired to increase our own efforts!!!

    Hope you don't mind me using your comment section as my own personal e-mail to you section! I miss talking with you every day for hours on end. Rotten time difference!!!