Wednesday, May 6, 2009


Hi Everyone! It has been a long week. This was so funny......Everyone thought because it was Cinco de Mayo...(May 5th, an American made Mexican holiday) that Iran automatically celebrated it...and said what are you guys making---what do you want us to bring? I was thinking what???? Anyway....we had several people that came over last night and they brought all kinds of food...AND they also brought for us...salmon, ground moose, moose steaks, and fajita moose :) I have heard that moose meat taste better than beef...we will see! They told us...."PLEASE let us know if you need ANY meat...we have plenty". WHAT a blessing!! Iran and I have in our car all the spices for jerky, so we are hoping when it gets here we can make moose jerky.
Oh something else...I REALLY need to bring my camera to the grocery store...for some reason rice is expensive....we bought 50 lbs of rice for $18 at SAMS that is being shipped in our car....when we went to the store tonight we saw some buld items for sale...and the exact same rice was almost $100!!!!! WOW!! Talk about inflation!!


  1. I'm glad to see you are back to posting!!! I bet the moose meat WILL be good!

  2. How neat, I hope you take pictures
    of your friends. We'd love to see
    them. Thank you for such marvelous
    blogging Lisa, It is almost like we
    are there with you. love you - gram