Friday, May 8, 2009

Late Thursday night

My Dear Family and Friends...I miss you so very much....and I will Lord willing write a lot this weekend. It is really late now, and I have not been getting much sleep. And I wanted to say that my cell phone is not working properly ....... sometimes it works and sometimes it does not so please if you call and do not get through or do not get my voice mail call again.
I must say something really quick:
I thought it was so funny today....I was talking to my supervisor today and asking her what I need to wear next week for out of town training when I fly to Anchorage...several people overheard me and said...JEANS!!! I thought what? They all said PLEASE!!! This is Alaska..we where what is comfortable!!!!...the ONLY time you will see anyone dressed up at all is when they never get to "go in town" and they wear their best outfit! It was hilarious. Here we hauled all these clothes and I spent so long picking some outfits that would be presentable on this fat bod...FOR NOTHING! But I am glad it was for nothing. :)

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  1. Hmmm...SOME aspects of Alaska sound really nice!