Thursday, May 28, 2009

Today was a good day.....I woke up smiling.....slung my backpack on my back and went walking/hiking to work like I was on a mission........the Lord has blessed us so much! I am so thankful we have been blessed with such a wonderful family and that we have been blessed to be an American growing up in civilization. I sure miss the sight of green grass....fresh cut green grass at that....well, really anything green! But then I think of the blessings now the beautiful crisp ice cold blue ocean....that looks so majestic under the 2am setting sun. There are not many Christians here at all but I KNOW God is He is everywhere on earth.
Counting down the minutes till our car comes.....hopefully this time next week we will have it. Then with $5 a gallon and the continual rise of gasoline....I may decide I like walking better than I thought I did. :)

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