Tuesday, June 2, 2009


My e-mail account from Avila has been by default terminated....after 4 years with ALL of our information our everything has been shut off. I could not hold back the tears today when I called the computer guy to Avila...unfortunately there was nothing he could do .......so here we are no way to phone out AND no other way to communicate....EVERYTHING WAS TIED TO MY AVILA E-MAIL!!!! Bills, receipts, EVERYONES E-MAIL address.....I am sure I have about 40 messages waiting to be read.... :( I GUESS the sun will still come out tomorrow.
ONLY THANKS TO MY DEAR, DEAR, DEAR FRIEND MONICA.....do I now have a new e-mail account. I will be glad to give that e-mail to anyone who would like it.....
The rotten broken down not able to plow through _ _ _ _ _ (barge!) is still not here......
But other than all that...was not too bad of a long day. :)


  1. I would just about be in tears too! Hang in there, and you'll get it all straightened out!

  2. Dearest Lisa, I've talked to your grandma twice today and had to try to send a note to you. Patty's dad was stationed in Alaska when I first met him. He always said that he wanted to go back after his military, but I told him that he would be going there alone. Patty Ann was only two months old when he mustarded out of the Air Force. I'm enjoying reading your blogs. I still think about you often and you and your husband are in my prayers. Love you much, Darling....from Karen