Wednesday, June 3, 2009

My village stock pile!

I am so very sister sent some food for me to bring to the villages!! Iran put some shelves together and here is my VERY OWN stash for my village looks like an itty bitty grocery store. The dinners in the "plastic" bags look so good...I should have gotten a picture of the front...she sent me four different kinds....actually she bought them out. I am so excited to get all this......this is EXACTLY what I was needing for my trips.... YEA!!!!!!! I will be totally ready to roll next week on my first trip!!
I tried and TRIED to find 100% V8 splash in small bottles in Anchorage, AK when I was in training and in Seattle, WA to ship in the car but it was impossible to find.....I thought they must not make them in small bottles anymore....when low and behold they do!!! I will cherish every drink!!! She mailed them in those flat rate boxes ---- not sure how she got away with it because I think it is totally illegal to mail liquid...YIKES. I know she would have been 100% honest if they would have asked about anything of the box contents........when Iran and I were mailing boxes to ourselves......we would have to unload a box right there in the post office line while everyone was waiting......we had to remove our items that were "illegal"...........but YEA LAURA!!
When ever our 'ship comes in' we will not need anything for a long time.

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