Monday, June 29, 2009

My new hair cut!

I can NOT find anybody around here to cut my hair!! The hours of the stores around here is so VAGUE....there is even a sign on one on the main stores that reads...."Opens between 9:00am and 10:30am--closes around 4:00pm unless we are busy then closes at 6:00pm" ARE YOU KIDDING ME????? What kind of hours is that??? All of the stores close can just forget it if you are up in the middle of the night making cookies and you need'll just have to wait till midday the next day to get your eggs when these stores open! ANYWAY...back to the hair cutting place....they are never I called for an appointment.....waited weeks with no return phone call. Well Iran got out the clippers/shaver and cut his own hair....when this guy at our church said...."Hey, who cut your hair? I really like it!......I cut hair but can not cut my own" Iran and him agreed to swap hair cuts.....His name is Teddy and he is an Eskimo....he is such a neat guy! I sure wish I could find the picture we took of him but it must be on another SD card. He looks like this rough, tough hunting guy (which he is).....but he also has such a gentle spirit. I told him that I needed a hair cut so bad...and he said I can cut it! So yesterday he sat me down at our pastors house, got a towel and started cutting. I had to smile at this rough looking guy being so gentle with my hair...and he did a great job!!
OH MONICA.....very funny comment!! What I meant to say is that I wish I had a RECTANGLE sleeping bag not a square one!!! Smarty pants!!
By the way I spell terrible and leave words out of my those of you who read this blog....if you are thinking "what she meant to say was" are probably right! Just read between the lines......and between the words. :) I even use spell check...but that does me no good in some instances. :)


  1. He did a terrific job!!! That is so funny...the pictures you sent me a few days ago, the thought that came to my mind first was "Wow...Lisa's hair has grown a LOT...I liked it better shorter!" I think the length he cut it is just perfect for you! It looks REALLY good!!!

  2. Very nice hair cut! Your life there sounds sooooo interesting!

  3. Neat picture....framing a very happy face. Treasure those moments, and keep writing. We love
    hearing from you,plus - you will have for yourself someday, a marvelous scrapbook of memories. What doesyour work day consist of when you are working in the Nome office?