Saturday, July 4, 2009

My Baby Gabby

My Sweet 'Little' Gabby! I just could not believe my ears when I heard this! Before I go on...this last picture is a photo of my precious little grandmother (Gram) and her monster of a dog, Augustus...but of course Gram always has to have a nick name for her animals and told me you can 'only' name a dog with a one syllable name...that is Gram for his name is 'Gus'.....that is Gabby's dad. Gus is ferocious! He not once but twice attacked the 'meals on wheels' people, so Gram can no longer have meals delivered to her house. AND if he needed to he could clear a six foot fence! I tell you all that to tell you.....MY PRECIOUS little Gabby is as sweet as sugar....ALWAYS friendly and never met a stranger.....until
My land lord came up to me and said "Lisa, I needed to get into the shed over at your place but your dog was barking and barking at me, so I could not get to the shed"...I replied...MISS Carter, I assure you, she would NEVER hurt anyone and is as friendly as can be! She replied " Ummm, I don't think she was meaning to be too friendly as for she was barking a lot and the hair on the back of her neck was sticking straight up!" What?? MY little Gabby.....oh my, I hope she is not as bad as her dad!

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