Monday, June 1, 2009

Sun Evening

I think I already have told everyone this but I am unable at this time to check my e-mail...I am thankful this computer will let me write on the still erases stuff but I just type it again. I hope everyone had a wonderful Sunday. We had a wonderful church service today. Iran met people to go fishing with. I guess everyone here has TONS AND TONS of meat and fish in their freezers....meaning they have multiple freezers. Everyone here has been so generous to us meat and fish. Today we received beautiful steaks of Caribou....Caribou is a wild reindeer....if there are herds of these animals close to town they are called reindeer, but if they are outside of town they are called Caribou I thought that was funny......that is the way it is. Today after church we got invited to dinner.....we felt embarrassed because we had nothing fixed to bring to the feast and politely declined....and explained we needed to go to this multifamily garage sale because we really needed a blender......well from out of no where the pastor brings us this really nice blender and said...this is for you can stay for as uncomfortable as we were we went ahead. WHAT A BLESSING!! What wonderful food!! There was moose meatloaf and then setting before us was some sort of big almost black meat of a bird that resembled a turkey.....the pastor said it was a swan that he had shot yesterday.....oh my!! What good food!!
The mail here is something else....they do not operate on the weekends and sometimes during the week the mail just plain does not come.....if the weather is bad it does not come at all for days!! WHAT HAPPENED TO RAIN, SHINE SLEET OR SNOW? Oh of the things to get used to.
Regarding the barge....we went to the dock this afternoon and spoke with a guy and he said HOPEFULLY it will be here sometime this week but that there was no way of knowing because the ice was so bad out in the ocean. So I have come to the conclusion I am sick of wasting my time worrying about when it will get here.........what ever will be will be. I think the next time I write on this blog about the car will be when it arrives....and I will take a picture of it......but it sure is nice to vent about the subject.
I never ever thought I would EVER become like this but my dad as far back as I can remember has bought books at yard sales and thrift stores...some so old and WAY outdated!! I thought it was always nice of him to think of me....he always got books that I was interested in but I NEVER read them because I DO NO AT ALL LIKE TO READ!!! I only read my Bible and that is about it. To my horror I caught myself at this yard sale today buying these old encyclopedia type books JUST LIKE MY DAD!!! Here Iran comes along and says what are you doing??? You don't even like to read...I was showing him these old 1970's books and to my SHOCK!!! he starting picking out books too!!! So we ended up buying like 10 books came home sat on the sofa and BOTH stared is amazing what Alaska will do to your mind. :)


  1. Wow, Lisa!!! I think Alaska is good for you!!! You'll wind up being an ardent reader, yet!!!

    I'm so glad you and Iran are surrounded by such a wonderful church family. I'm glad they persisted and didn't accept your polite "No," for an answer!

  2. I'm cracking up! I have a vision of you and Iran sitting in your house reading your books.

    Hey, the food sounds soooo interesting. I would love trying all that stuff!

    We miss you!

  3. Tell Iran to go out and get me one of those swans. That sounds interesting.