Thursday, July 16, 2009

I have been so sad lately...just really missing everyone so very much. Sometimes it is hard, I know this is where God wants us but it is sometimes hard just the same, even though we do like it here. I have been walking around just about to bust into tears....I know this will pass but for now it is really hard. If there is anyone out there willing to pray, would you please pray that my husband would be able to find a job. It has been really hard paying the VERY EXPENSIVE prices here and paying for our house back in Kansas City......if we did not have that house back home it would be so much of a lighter burden AND I am waiting any day for the student loan reimbursement payment I was promised upon signing a 2 year which they said could take a 120 days, so I know it could take a while but just the same I am waiting for it to come. I am learning to get in a hurry for nothing.....the mail is so slow I can not even describe sister sent something going on 3 weeks ago and we still have not received it. AND I must learn how to pay bills on line because by the time we get the bill it is almost past due already! But God is teaching me everything is not just 'so so' like I like for it to be. I am sure tomorrow will be much better....God is always faithful!

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