Friday, July 17, 2009

Village Assignments

Thank everyone for all your encouragement. My goal this weekend is to get everything in order. It is going to be so busy in the clinic till Christmas...and oh how I want to go home but will be unable to!!
My village assignments are: Elim, Gambell, Teller, Wales and Little Diomede. Oh how I DID NOT want Little Diomede but got stuck with it. The reason I did not want Little Diomede is because it is only accessible by helicopter and they only fly once every NINE for a village of 100 people I am done in like 1 day for everything I need to do!! So the other 8 days I guess I will sit and pick my nose. From what I have heard and know about the village all it consists of is a little village built on an uphill rock....where there are coffins all on top of the hill in plain sight of for everyone to see....IN FACT!! one lady told this other nurse that she can see her little boys coffin from right outside her window and how comforting it is to see all the time....are you kidding me??
At least I got Elim...that is one of my favorites! Elim was so pretty and the people were I am looking forward to traveling there. I pray God will give me wisdom to learn everything I need to learn to get everything done that I am supposed do at Nome and the villages....when I truly think about it...I KNOW what a blessing it has been here and I truly am thankful for it.

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  1. Take some cards, like Uno or something like that and teach the locals. It'll help you get acquantied with everyone and give you something to do. You could also take pictures up and start scrapbooking... Besides look on the bright side... at least you don't have to LIVE there. : )