Thursday, July 23, 2009

My new hobby

This OLD 1950's beauty was given to me by a lady here...of course it did not work due to the ancient plug-in's that were broken and burned. My heart was shattered when I found out it could not work. I ordered a NEW foot pedal as well as an outlet plug from a site on the Internet. I told them to RUSH ship it because I have things to sew! My new hobby is making quilts....of course there is NO PLACE here to buy material but when I went to Anchorage back in May...I was able to get a little at the fabric store and held on to every thread. My friend bought me a 1/2 yard today of some material at a sale...yea!! some fabric to work with!! I have tried to see if I can order some discount fabric on-line but can not figure it if there is anyone out there that knows about ordering fabric....I would love to know where to go. We are talking....everyday cotton quilts will more than likely look pathetic but .... since I am in the middle of NO WHERE up here we need blankets (I have been able to find a few a some 'yard sales' but thought I would try and make my little house on the prairie days....if there is a need, the lady would just make something, at least Carolyn did back on Little House on the Prairie!
I will not hold my breath on receiving anything here in a rush fashion! We had ordered some banana leaves so that Iran could make some tamales (he is going to try and sell them here...many people have asked him for some) so we had FROZEN banana leaves shipped. I am so UPSET (you know when you are so upset you are teary eyed). I noticed that our credit card had been charged and we had not received any banana leaves and this was Monday afternoon 07/20 and we had been charged on 07/ I called the annex (where packages go that come off the plane then get shipped to the post office) and they had no boxes....and it was Monday afternoon and no slip was in our I called the company at which we had ordered it from and asked WHY we were charged when nothing had been shipped...she politely stated that Nome, Alaska post office had signed for the box on FRIDAY 07/17!!!!!!!! And he had given me a confirmation I ever so politely called the PO and stated to them that I was told they had indeed received a package for me and told her I had a confirmation code....she was very slow to respond and asked me to hold on a moment....then she came back to the phone and said, actually you have FIVE boxes sitting here. GOODNESS SAKES ALIVE...WHAT KIND OF GOVERNMENT OPERATION ARE THEY RUNNING OVER THERE??? When I got to the PO I told the lady that we had not received a slip in our box and she stated matter of factly that they had been "busy". So when we were handed our banana leaf box at which I could smell from standing out side it was so had stamped all over the front PERISHABLE! PERISHABLE! PERISHABLE! For heaven sakes, they were harboring it ALL WEEKEND when they got it in FRIDAY...then at the end of the day STILL not putting a note in our PO BOX....if I had not called and said I have a tracking number that YOU received it!.....WHAT!!!!...what happened to: rain, shine, sleet or snow? We can not get our money back because it was not the companies fault that Nome Alaska acts like they are on a different planet!

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  1. That looks like a good little Singer sewing machine to me...good for you. Maybe you can buy some
    clothes at yard sales..launder it-
    rip out the seams...and have fabric for quilts...until something
    better comes along..gram