Saturday, August 29, 2009


Gabby has been acting rather weird. Sometimes when I go outside or surprise her she flinches, that was really bothering me...she NEVER did that before....well now we know why! Iran heard all this commotion outside, and like FIVE boys were pitching rocks at her like they were throwing a baseball and she had no shelter to hide from them!! She was desperately trying to get inside by scratching at the door as they were hitting her! Iran said he had noticed all these rocks in the back yard and thought that maybe Gabby had dug them up. I WAS SO MAD!! I NEVER thought Iran could talk in a mean voice but he sure did!! Iran said I never thought I would be sticking up for your dog. We have got to do something about that!! I KNOW without a shadow of a doubt if Gabby got loose "whow be to those boys" when she catches them! She overturned like a 200 lb table going after a boy on his bike that rode through our yard... I know why these sled dogs tied up are so here throw rocks at them!

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