Saturday, August 29, 2009

Post Office

UPSET YESTERDAY.......I KNOW FOR CERTAIN I have two packages at the post office mailed 11 days ago priority mail....and 8 or 9 days ago priority mail. I went to the post office yesterday and we flat did not have ANY mail (no junk, nothing)...I asked the post master about my two packages and he said they were way behind and that they would probably get them to me mid week next week....I was so upset!! So I drove out to the ANNEX and said I know I had two packages there and I stated politely that I was tired of people paying priority rates to send me things only to have them sit at the post office. She said they had no help and that there were pallets and pallets of packages that they hope to get out by HOPEFULLY next WEDNESDAY ....WHAT!!!!!!!!???? I said what ever happened to rain, shine, sleet or snow?? I told her back "home" they even delivered mail after hours. I paid to have my sewing machine shipped priority mail!!! I could have saved money and had it shipped regular fare. GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR And the thing is nobody a town like "Gunsmoke", if I make Miss Kitty mad the entire town will be mad at what can I do??? NOTHING Thankfully Laura filed a complaint for me.

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