Saturday, September 5, 2009


Do any other ladies have these kinds of problems?
I woke up last night in excruciating pain due to the cramps. I could hardly move.....I was breathing heavy due to the pain and doing everything but kicking my husband in the stomach to get him to wake up and get me some meds. I was waiting and waiting for him to say...."My Darling Love can I get you a heating pad...or perhaps some Advil? NO SUCH LUCK! So I stumbled out of bed trying to make as much noise as possible without turning on the light so he would wake up and do something for me! When he is sick I IMMEDIATELY have some sort of bedside table lined out with essential staples for a sick person... 7-up and saltine crackers. (Gram ALWAYS did this..always set up the bedside table...for sick ones) has to be a mental thing that 7-up ALWAYS helps me. And if you are like my dear mother.....she gets like 5 different kinds of medicine to see which one helps the best. I always imagine myself like Florence Nightingale (one of my nursing heros)....this wonderful, beautiful, slender lady dressed in white tending to the needs of wounded soldiers ...... she is why nurses got the name "angels of mercy" here I am trying to be just like Florence anytime Iran gets sick ....... and he does NOTHING TO HELP ME!! This morning he said "I slept like a rock!"....I said..well, I sure didn't I was awake most of the night!!!!!! DIDN'T YOU HEAR ME AWAKE LAST NIGHT????????????? He said "No".....THEY are all the same!

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