Sunday, November 22, 2009

-18 below zero here!!!

This is the inside of our door to the arctic entry!!! If this shows you how bitterly cold it is here. The locks get frozen and "you" can be locked in, not out! Two days ago I literally could not get the door to open with all my might....FINALLY I got it. Can you imagine me calling my supervisor..."sorry I will not be able to come to work today....I am lock in". WHICH many times people around here have to call someone to remove the snow that literally barricades them in so they can get out---snow can occlude the entire door frame. Pretty soon we will be doing the ol' boiling water thing that all new people to Alaska have to see for themselves. Boiling water.....taking it outside and throwing up in the air and watching it burst into glass breaking.....maybe I can get a video of that when we do it!

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