Sunday, November 22, 2009

Ducks Unlimited

We had an absolute blast last night. To our surprise our pastor and his wife got us tickets to a very rare dinner hosted by Ducks Unlimited. The last time "Ducks Unlimited" had come to Nome was a long time ago. This is our Pastor on the left..Bruce, his wife Gloria...and JR (whom has become our great buddy!). Our pastor STRONGLY believes in conservation efforts and is a Master at hunting/fishing---God blesses him continually in that area. He has taught Iran so MANY things...just as many times our pastor Bro Allen back home did as well. Our pastor and his wife have been such a blessing to us in so many ways...if we are not at work we are over at their house or their son is at our house it seems. They are just like our family. MUCH to our sadness/happiness they are leaving for the Philippines (where Miss Gloria is from) for a month. They will be gone over Christmas...I am so happy they are getting to go...but it sure will be lonely without them.


  1. God has blessed you with good friends. They can make such a great difference in your day to day
    happiness. You will miss them while
    they are gone, but you can wish them well, and think of the joy you
    will all have when they return. You
    probably contribute to their happiness, as much as you do to theirs. love you gram

  2. You could come with them!!! I could use a visit!