Saturday, December 12, 2009


MRE.....for those of you "non wilderness"/military people "Meals Ready to Eat". One of the best things someone could have here is MRE's...I ate one of those meals not too long ago and I thought it was GREAT! Well, that is not saying much coming from me....coming from a round pound that OBVIOUSLY in not picky at all what I eat..... that does not really hold much ground with most people. BUT regardless I thought they are a necessity if you live where we live.....ESPECIALLY when I got stuck with my worthless in snow/ice slip and slide SUV.... NON four wheel or even all wheel drive car. If I had a dollar for every time I heard someone say to me "why did you bring that THING up here without 4-wheel drive" BECAUSE I DID NOT KNOW BETTER OKAY!!!! Anyway, back to the subject at hand (MRE's), we were told you REALLY need to have them in your car or carry them on your person because you could get stuck a 1/2 mile from home and there will be NO BODY for hours to come by and help because no one knows you are there...and I can not say enough we might as well not even have a cell phone...because most of the time it does not work!!! People die every year in Nome due to hypothermia. So I went on-line to order some MRE's and the shipping was FREE!!!!.....I was devastated only find out the shipping cost almost just as much as the MRE's because we are in Alaska---FORGET IT!!!! I wanted to talk to someone high up in that company like I do every time we order something and ask....WHY DO YOU CHARGE ALASKA RESIDENTS SO MUCH MORE when we are already paying triple prices than the lower 48???? Besides.......if I get stuck at -30 degrees.....I mean am I going to eat a hard as a rock, frozen solid piece of MRE cake????????? But after I stewed over this for about three weeks....I finally came to the conclusion we really do need some MRE's on hand for many reasons...and they stay good for like 5 years...can't beat it really. So I sucked it up and went to order them again and the shipping had gone I asked the guy....what happened last time you said it was this now it is that....he said..sorry mam, those shipping quotes change every 24 hours..and it is Christmas time. Grrrrrrrrrrr I really wanted them so I paid $67 for shipping (also added some "LIGHT WEIGHT" freeze dried stuff that they really recommended for those odd ducks who live at the end of the earth)... But I will be so happy when I am in -30 degrees chipping my MRE brownie with an ice pick. LIVING THE DREAM!!


  1. I just chuckle at your last ironic comment. "Living the Dream!!" I hope you know we all wish we could do something to help. At least praying for you guys and your dream.

  2. Somehow I missed this post and Tony was telling me about it last night. Amazing! I can't believe you pay that much for shipping!