Sunday, December 13, 2009


I must tell this "story" because it is crazy! WHERE IS MY CAMERA WHEN I NEED IT?? The Alaska State troopers called and someone had hit a moose out of town (it is NOT moose season now) and they wanted our church to have it...well our pastor and his wife left for the Philippines on Friday night for a month and Iran and I are the only real church members. What a LONG, TIRING experience!!! Iran and I had NO IDEA how to cut it up! We were up till 2am last ended up being us and this precious elderly native lady that we have become friends with that cut the meat up on card board. If I only had my camera last night!!! This picture was taken this morning in our church garage after the work was pretty much done. This is what was so funny to Iran and I we could not wipe the smile off our faces the entire time. First off, I must say...we had NO IDEA on this earth how to cut up a moose! You know it was one of those days when you think you can wear your PJ's all day long and do nothing but drink hot chocolate and play Christmas carols...and then you get the call about a dead moose...oh man. Back to my story....native people here just use ulu's to cut everything (it is a type of knife that fits in the palm of your hand) if I only had a picture of one!! We MUST get one for ourselves...anyway...we go pick her up and here she waddles in with this ancient ulu--I asked her, "Is THAT what you are going to cut up meat with?" As most of you know, I spent 8 years in a meat packing plant as well as Iran...we are no strangers to cutting meat (Iran can cut up meat like no bodies business!). Well when Iran would hall us sections to cut up THIS WOMEN WAS LIKE A NINJA! With this small hand held knife she would cut through these HUGE, HUGE chunks of meat and have it in pieces in a matter of no time flat...and why we could not wipe the smile off our faces is because she would sing in her native language of Siberian Yupik (she is from the village of Gambell) "How Great Thou Art" and other Hymns. Iran and I kept looking at each other smiling from ear to ear as we watch her blow us away with her cutting and bursting out in her language the old hymns...tears of joy in my eyes. We all had a blast!


  1. Are you guys making this stuff up?

  2. What an incredible, amazing life you have in Alaska!