Thursday, December 3, 2009

This was HILARIOUS!!!!

Every month.... well, actually almost every week now with flu season we send vaccines out to the villages...via these insulated boxes with fish on the outside. Whenever you see the "fish box" KNOW to handle with care". Well, I sent some vaccines to one of the villages this morning and they always send the vaccine box right back on the next flight to Nome--let me preface this by saying we reuse and reuse the "vaccine" boxes (fish boxes) over and over because they are hard to come by...we get them rarely when the State of Alaska sends us some kind of special vaccine order. So we get this box back this afternoon from one of the villages (won't name any names) and it was all busted up and broken...with tape everywhere...and the note inside simply read "Box fell out of sled, vaccine okay....Ida" Where else but bush Alaska?


  1. And thanks for the Christmas goody box! And Tony says "How will he ever reciprocate the honor to Iran of being able to eat moose jerky?"