Monday, December 7, 2009

Wilderness Women! dear friend...continually tells me "WE ARE WILDERNESS WOMEN, SISTER"!!! I continually tell her I AM NOT A WILDERNESS WOMAN AND NEVER WILL BE! When we went duck hunting a while back (before everything froze)...I had to let the duck float on by me because I would not grab it by the head and whip it out of the water after she kept yelling from a distance for me to grab it! I yelled back I am not touching that dead duck!! I felt terrible after she fell down this rock cliff trying to get to it .... and this little bitty lady grabbed that dead carcass so fast and whipped it out of the water. So my precious sister in Missouri had these made for for Gloria, one for me and one for our other friend here. Gloria continually tells me we are "wilderness women".......she also guarantees me she and I are getting a moose next season.....uhhhhh we'll see.


  1. Lisa, I have faith in you...I am confident you WILL get a Moose!!!

  2. Lisa.... yes are a
    wilderness women......act like one
    and go chase a moose.............