Sunday, February 28, 2010


Some of you might know that Iran went on a four day hunting trip with our pastor and a group of guys---they left Wed. and were supposed to be back Saturday. Well, Saturday I had a huge dinner made for Iran, his favorites... corn casserole, enchiladas and banana bread...along with some chilled sparkling apple cider. Well, Saturday came and went with everything sitting out on the table. Being up here I have learned not to worry, because something come up on a daily my heart was a little uneasy but...I was okay...put up all the food...after midnight prayed for him and headed to bed. At 3am, I hear something and I jumped out of bed to find my precious husband looked like someone had beat the tar out of him...
Iran was so upset I wanted to take his picture---I don't know if you can tell but his face is TOTALLY SWOLLEN---those pictures were it is all turning black! His eyes are burning!! I don't know what to do for him. You know when something almost brings you to tears? My heart aches for him...he was so cold and tired and just looked pathetic! He lost his $250 snow shoes, the snow machine ripped up his super nice back pack (it some how got under the track), he got thrown many times from the snow machine. I wander what he will look like at the end of the week. In these pictures you can not tell anything at looks terrible in person. I do not think his hands are frostbitten...he says they are hurting and on fire at the tips of his fingers but they do not look too bad. AND the dark I was seeing on his hands and arms when he first arrived was blood from the caribou....did he do some damage to his fingers..interally??...probably so, but not too bad, could have been much worse---NOTHING LIKE HIS FACE.
Will keep you posted.
I do not know how he even has the strength to move....he went to his second job tonight. Like I said...these pictures look like NOTHING what the real thing looks like. Not sure how it can turn black so soon----if you are reading this Dr. Duff...any suggestions?
Will try to keep you posted but will be so very busy this week I don't possibly know how I am going to get everything done...AND my final is this week in Arctic Survival....36 hrs this week...then step right on the plane for my week in Anchorage for a Public Health Nursing Conference....I am tired just thinking about it! I am so happy Iran will get to go with me....he has lots of business to take care of buying bullets!

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  1. Oh my gosh! Poor Iran. That is very scary. I sure hope he's oK. I'd be worried to death!