Sunday, February 28, 2010

-37 degrees

WOW...SO MUCH has gone on these last couple of weeks....where do I begin? I had to go through this torturous Advanced Cardiac Life Support well as a four year certification Trauma Nursing Course....and on top of all that be in Arctic Survival classes in the evenings. By God's grace I passed the nursing stuff...the problem is.....I may have passed, but you do NOT want me any where near an emergency......this Chunky Dunk wants NOTHING to do with emergencies!! My big "final" in Arctic Survival is this week.....3 hrs in the classroom and like 34 hrs in the frigid cold...building my own snow cave to sleep in and my own fire...etc. I can not even begin to describe how badly I DO NOT WANT TO GO!! ABSOLUTELY DO NOT WANT TO GO---it have been -27 through -37 all week long.....INSTANT nose hair freeze upon walking outside. Oh well, I am being MADE to take this course because I travel to the villages and they have had planes go down.....what a nice thought!

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