Monday, February 22, 2010

Walrus Head Mount

This is a walrus head weighs about 50 lbs. Our good friend, John, from the village of Brevig Mission flew into Nome to get it, too bad I pretty much only got a good picture of the walrus mount and John's socks!.....he is the Brevig Mission school's science teacher/the school maintenance man/shop teacher and athletic director. He spent a good part of the weekend with nice to have the company. I am sure you already know but the tusks on walrus are all ivory (and so heavy!!!) as you can see the artist of the skrim shaw did a great job on tusks...I believe the artist was the same guy who got the walrus (still am waiting to try walrus meat..trying to get up a little more courage).......I am sure you can only imagine how much this head mount cost him!

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