Monday, April 12, 2010

Gas Stickers!! Big Joke!

This is SUCH a joke to me...and SOOOOOOOOO AGGRAVATING! Okay, so when we first moved here gas was $4.99 a gallon and now it is at an all time low of $4.49 a gallon (we are locked in for one year pricing....the summer barge brings the gas for all yr...that is why the price stays the same for one yr). Any get one sticker for every $25 you spend on gas. MANY TIMES WE GET GAS AND THE TOTAL COMES TO $48.90 OR SOMETHING LIKE THAT AND THE GAS STATION WILL ONLY GIVE US ONE STICKER...........GRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!!!. I can't believe that! I have told them time and time again about that and that I thought it was not quite fair, but to no avail. Okay so if you fill up your card you have spent $750 to get $5 off your next tank of gas! BIG DEAL!! I have caught myself over flowing the gas tank to get my 1 sticker for spending $25 or to get 2 stickers for spending exactly $50!!! I thought, you idiot!!, why are you overflowing the gas tank when you have to spend $750 to get $5 off when you just let $3 stream to the ground in order to get a sticker! Those gas station people are brilliant...master manipulators in you ask me.

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  1. Carry a gas can, put the rest of the 50$ in it.