Wednesday, April 7, 2010

WHITE WEASEL aka "Ermine"

As I was walking down the isle of our local grocery store to my sheer horror a semi-large white something of the rodent family went running in front of me!! (I found this picture that looked exactly like it!) As I screamed for dear life as it flew by me, I ran to get the gentleman whom what stocking groceries in the next isle over to inform him that a LARGE WHITE RODENT just went by me in the next isle over. IN NO HURRY WHAT SO EVER NOT EVEN MOVING FROM HIS POSITION TO SEE WHAT I WAS TALKING ABOUT....simply stated "they eat mice". WHAT? IS THIS SOME SORT OF JOKE!? As I regained consciousness from fright and from disbelief that this gentleman could care less I went to customer service and explained that this white rodent was in the cooler section of the store...she shrugged and said "yea, it is a weasel, they eat the mice". Bush Alaska for ya....where no one cares if we get rabies or contaminated food!

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