Monday, August 9, 2010

Bratty Kittens

I am supposed to be in charge of SEVEN cats for THREE WEEKS at my boss's house, what a manipulator that boss of mine!~.....trying to figure out a way to renig on the last week, it has been painfully hard to keep up with. I am NOT a cat person at all. These baby kittens are such brats ESPECIALLY this gray and white one...meows this HIGH pitched screech whenever I pick him up. Here I am, trying to be sweet and he acts like he is clinging for dear life...then when he screams.....MamaKitty gets mad! Notice Mama in the back ground! Mama Kitty is such a sweet kitty but actually growls at me when the brats are screaming for me to put them down.

1 comment:

  1. Oh, LISA! You didn't tell me they were KITTENS!!! I thought you were caring for seven full grown CATS. Kittens are SO MUCH FUN!!! How can you be such a spoil sport?...Heck, you should have just brought them all over to YOUR house to take care of them!!!