Sunday, July 24, 2011

Walrus bones...gone now

This is a picture of the beloved walrus bones that one of my friends in a village was going to carve on....that the house leveling guys buried and refused to dig up. Sooooo irritating!! So my mom and cousin worked so very hard to get these walrus bones from a decapitated bloated walrus on the beach...I think I put a picture on this blog of them retrieving the bones. Anyway..this picture was taken after we soaked them in bleach water for about a week...then boiled them for hours...I was leaving them outside to air out and dry out more so I could get the remaining remnants off. The house leveling guys (have to level houses around here about every 2 yrs due to the permafrost) came and moved a bunch of our stuff around. Came outside on Thursday and the bones were no where to be found. You could smell them from a mile away so I KNEW they not only were not in sight but could not even smell them. So I plastered a big note on the back door asking where they were (couldn't miss them!). Came home Friday for lunch to speak with this house leveling crew. Spoke with the main guy Roger...asked if he had seen my note..he said I proceeded to ask WHERE the walrus bones were and that they were very important. He shrugged it off like it was nothing and said they were somewhere under all the new dirt/gravel/sand...which made me even more irritated. I told him to please find them!! So when I came home that night I went straight in the back in hopes to see them on the back porch...well when I didn't.........I was even more upset. Dug in the dirt where I last saw them...hired two kids to help me Iran involved the second he got home from his second job..........only to find nothing but big huge rocks in my way. Lessoned learned....never let your walrus bones out of your sight! When my family was here they also found a big piece of drift wood...a log. That too was Iran and I brought that huge thing inside...not losing another one!

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