Monday, September 26, 2011

Iran's moose

Here is Iran's is a LONG drawn out story what happened to I will not go into details. But my family members and I went through a LOT waiting to hear from him on his hunting trip.....I did not even know he was going hunting.....when my dear friend Gloria calls me at work panicking saying "where is Iran!!!?" He keeps sending "help" messages from his GPS spot and we don't know where he is (the coordinates being sent were not going on the map). So I was terrified thinking something happened to him. Imaging he had been mauled by a bear (already planning his memorial service)..... thinking he could barely move....sending help messages and no one could find him. I called Laura and asked her to pray with me. Laura in turn called the rest of the family. In a matter of 1.5 hrs I had received TWELVE help messages on from his GPS. The GPS was programmed to send signals to my phone and Gloria/Pastor Bruce. I called the Nome Police Dept...and the Alaska State Troopers were notified but said they could not dispatch till he pressed the "911" button. Furious at the non help I got, I told them "MY HUSBAND WOULD NEVER ASK FOR HELP IF HE DID NOT NEED IT!!!!!!" They were on stand by....the reason no one could find his coordinates is because the GPS was sending out a non military grid and our guys here were using a military grid. Our friends went out looking and looking for him but could not find him. To make an extremely long heart wrenching story short....we thought Iran was half dead and no once could find him most of the night....but come to find out he had made arrangements with his friend that when he got a moose he would signal the "help" SPOT GPS button for them to help him haul it out. When his buddies found him...he had already skinned and cleaned the moose............I guess he put the camera on a timer to take this picture. That man is going to kill me by me having a heart attack always thinking he is half dead somewhere...either frozen or mauled by a bear......or in some accident!

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