Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Teller Health Fair

Went to the village of Teller to participate in their health fair....it is the ONLY village out of the 15 villages here that you can drive to 3 months out of the year (rest of the time the road is covered in deep snow). Well...I got plenty of pictures on the way back from Teller, but NONE Of the health fair! From a distance you can see the village of Teller...and if you look across that body of water you can faintly see the village of Brevig Mission. These musk ox were blocking the road....have seen them so many times....bu they still take my breath away. Musk Ox look like such ancient creatures...so majestic.

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  1. This may sound insensitive, I don't mean to be, but, what is the purpose for Teller? Why is Teller still there, or how does it survive? I suppose this is the "ignorance of alaskan life" coming out.