Sunday, March 4, 2012

Iran is back home!!

Iran's caribou expedition was awesome but the camera let him take this pic and one other one that did not turn out well and then it froze solid. The camera is now totally ruined. He brought his super heavy duty solid wood big sled home in nothing but pieces...rough riding I guess. What stories he had to tell when he got back home! Oh well...can't sweat the small stuff, so happy he is alive! I leave for the TINY village of Little Diomede tomorrow and will be gone the entire week. I don't think I will have any internet service there. I am bringing a "work" video camera there to hopefully get some good pics. Little Diomede is EXTREMELY hard to get to.....we only can go pretty much one time a year. Hopefully it will be a smooth week. :)


  1. My goodness, I looked up the town on Wikipedia. I think life would be hard up there, but I can see why you stay, at least so far! The difference you make in people's lives must be hugely gratifying. Praying for you!!!

  2. Ha! I don't doubt that his super, heavy-duty, wooden sled returned in splinters! I've RIDDEN in a sled pulled by Iran behind his Evil Knieval snow machine and I nearly wound up splintered!!! Ahhh...what fond memories of so many near-death experiences in my one brief week of being in your world!