Saturday, June 16, 2012

The village of Shaktoolik

I thought this picture was hilarious...this little kid was floating on an old piece of Styrofoam with a paddle in this big mud puddle. 

Grocery store...this is the absolute nicest village grocery store I have every been in....lots of choices!

The road to the airstrip

Now do you see this clear ocean view.....the winds REALLY picked up and look below at all the ocean ice/fog that blew in!

Shaktoolik is known for all the GOBS of driftwood they have over the whole beach! Driftwood city!

The Shaktoolik clinic


Road again to the airstrip

Ocean...with all the ice blowing in. 

A river on the opposite side of the road than the ocean.

Love the wild flowers


Ice and fog that blew in

ice and fog

Went from a beautiful and freezing cold out.


All the post office boxes for the village

Tiny village of Shaktoolik from the you see the blue river side and the white ice ocean side?? Shaktoolik is the tiny little place in between.

A rainbow seen out side my airplane window...just a reminder "God keeps His promises!"

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