Monday, July 2, 2012

Midnight Sun Festival

Has anyone seen the terrible gold mining show "Bering Sea Gold" filmed in Nome? I personally can NOT stand the show....mean people on there! We see the "actors" here in town often. Well, the other day I went to walk to church and there was a camera crew outside the house. Two of the "cast members" live right next to us..and they park their beat up ol' truck against our house! The funny thing was...Iran told me the other day that he saw and heard the neighbors playing an accordion...I was like..there are no accordions here in Nome. But to my shock at the midnight sun festival...there were our neighbors...the guy Zeek whom plays on  Bering Sea gold was singing with his brothers...and there was the accordion!

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  1. Hmmmm....I've seen a BAZILLION other reality shows filmed in Alaska (ones about Alaskan troopers and several different ones about Alaskan bush pilots and Alaskan truckers and some other one about Alaskan gold miners)...but not this particular one about Alaskan gold miners! Now I'm curious to see it!