Monday, July 2, 2012

The Village of Stebbins...population approx 550

Little boy waiting for me to give him his immunizations. Was a little hard finding a clean spot to poke. :)

There is no running water in Stebbins!! The only place that has a toilet is the clinic and school...everyone uses "honey buckets" (goes to the bathroom in buckets lined with trash bags) and dumps them in these containers placed all over Stebbins...then "someone" comes around and takes the contents to the dump. There is a central location to pay to do laundry (thought I took a picture of it but I guess not because I can't find it) where water is pumped in...all water has to be haul to everyones house. It cost 25 cents for 5 gallons of water and $2 to take a shower.

My very good friend Linzay, a missionary  from Texas, that comes to visit Nome about three times a year came to visit me for the day in Stebbins.

On my way flying out of Stebbins when I left, much to my joy saw Beluga whales from the air!! Right in the water as soon as we flew up over Stebbins.

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