Sunday, December 16, 2012

I leave for the village of Shaktoolik this week. It was -26F yesterday and only -16 is SUPPOSED to be above zero for part of the week. Just dread flying on the freezing cold little plane where I can see my breath most of the trip...sitting next to cases of cargo that the whole time I am wondering if some things like cans of pop are going to explode due to the frigid air. There was a pilot in one of the villages that had just landed his plane full of passengers when he died of a heat attack on the ground in village of Shishmaref. Much of the time there is only one pilot of course...usually  in his old coveralls and flannel shirt, hair sticking up everywhere. Sometimes I am the only passenger...I now think to myself...what would I do if the pilot keeled over?? I guess pray his soul was right with God and hope I die quickly. Iran always says "if it is my time, it is my time". True. :)

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