Saturday, December 15, 2012

Muskox hide......

My dear sweet friend Gloria, whom I am ALWAYS involved in some kind of project with, are now combing out a muskox hide and harvesting the qiviut (the fine, fine "down" layer of a muskox hide) at our church (the downstairs of Gloria's house). Qiviut is like more expensive than gold! I think only people in Alaska really even know what it is, I never even heard of it till I moved here.  Qiviut is 10 times warmer than wool. It is soooooo "light". We are hoping to get our qiviut spun into yarn as soon as we get enough to send in. 

Gloria's dog, "Cookie", whom I looked over and saw curled up in a ball on the muskox hide we were combing. :)

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