Saturday, January 26, 2013


I just have to write this down.....just happened.

Got back from Savoonga yesterday and checked my email last night. Kept seeing this lady advertising on "nome announce" she cuts hair (which is very hard to find in Nome). I for the almost 4 yrs we have lived here  have always gotten my hair cut in Anchorage...but I won't get to fly into Anchorage for another 3 months. So I gave her a call. She was very nice, I made an appt with her for today, she told me where to come for my appt. so that was that.  So this morning I get all bundled up walk to the appointed place...only to find a woman standing outside a house ringing and ringing the door bell. I introduced myself and she stated her name and that she was the one cutting my hair and that she "rented a booth" from her business partner whom also cuts hair (neither people have I heard of before). So we stand there...she knocks and knocks on the door, she knocks and knocks on the window of the bedroom........after standing there for what seems like forever in the freezing cold.....I suggested we go to my humble abode to cut my hair. I informed her all we had was folding chairs to sit on and wondered if that would be high enough...she said it would be fine. So we walk all the way back to our place. She said she needed my hair wet, so I dowse  my hair in water, grab a bath towel and my wide tooth comb and sit in the kitchen...she "cuts" my hair...asked me how I liked it...looked exactly the same than when she started....I paid her the hefty amt she originally quoted me.....she left....I cleaned up the mess. Oh the glories of Nome.

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  1. I keep seeing Nome on different shows on TV. It is really a busy place! Bigger than I thought.