Saturday, June 7, 2014

Wow has it been a while since I posted on here. Iran and I have been running 90 to nothing for weeks! We did move out of "the dorm" room to a tiny TINY little house here in Bethel. We finally moved the last of our things last weekend and we are now just getting everything put away....little by little. We are the king and queen of shelves. We put up more shelves today. There is only a small area in Bethel that has unlimited "city water"'s brown but who cares. We had that when we lived in the little we have to have water delivered every week as well as have to have the "sewer" pumped out every week....and it is very expensive. We have been saving water like nobodies business...we save our dish water to flush the toilet..take lighten speed cold showers and save the water from that...ANYTHING we can do to save water. We had a rough start to our weekend....the water delivery truck I guess "forgot" to deliver us water so we ran out. Thankfully Iran had some water he put up in one of his camping containers so we could have drinking water...and we used the restroom honey bucket style. It was not THAT long ago when Bethel was a "honey bucket village". For those of you who don't know...a "honey bucket" is nothing more than a five gallon bucket people go to the "bathroom" in when they don't have running water...then there are certain places reserved to "empty your honey bucket". Many of the villages I serve have no running that's everyday life for those pioneers. Lately we have truly felt like are are on "The Last Frontier".
I took a picture of our little you can see there are Christmas lights already up for this year! :) The weird looking dome thing covered in foam in our "water tank". I will soon take pictures of the inside. Kinda looks like a tiny little cabin on the inside.
I am DEVASTATED about the cookie sheets that my dear friend got me...that I make cookies on all the time will NOT even fit in the tiny oven we have. Now that bothers me more than anything!!


  1. It's so cute. I love the fact that you have a red door.