Friday, July 17, 2009

Iran's plants

These are Iran's absolutely pathetic plants!! They are supposed to be Oregano to be exact. They look like weeds to me! He ordered them on-line and when they arrived in their beat up box they looked dead as pretty much they do now. I always make fun of them because Iran treats them so delicately...
He had them in one window and then moved them to when I found these DEAD "leaves" or should I say "dead pieces of partial leaves" of course I threw them in the trash obviously thinking he 'forgot' to pick up his dead plant droppings that fell. Well here he comes almost desperate....."Do you know WHERE my dried leaves are?"....uhhhhh I was like what are you talking about...he said "The leaves I had 'drying' in the window".... I replied.....I threw them in the trash! He said "NO! they were dried and going to be used for cooking".....I thought, are you serious?? Give me a break!! Those brown shriveled up pieces of what looks to be scabs!!
He says he is going to order more plants like this so I have so much to look forward to.


  1. Don't you be dissing Iran's herbs!!!

  2. Rayna and I planted an apple tree a couple of days ago. Grant had some guys take down the dead tree in our front yard that was dead long before we even bought the house. Then, a few days ago, they came back to grind out the stump. After they left, Rayna and I moved the little apple sprout that she had planted a couple days earlier, to the front of our yard near where the old tree was taken out.

    I had bought the little green apple at a rural conveniece store for lunch. I accidentally bit it closer to the core than I meant to, as I was driving down the road, and saw there was a little greet sprout that had pushed out of one of the seeds! So, I saved the apple core for Rayna and she planted it that evening and dutifully watered it every day. A few days later when we transplanted it to the front of the yard, it had already grown more, but its roots were still conveniently contained within the core!

    I thought the apples you usually got in stores were hybrids (so the seeds won't grown new plants)...but, I guess that little green apple was just a regular old apple! It was tasty...I hope years from now we will have our own little apple tree to gather fruit off of!

  3. I'm laughing my butt off about that story! Poor Iran!