Thursday, July 23, 2009

Well, I have probably lost anyone who read this blog due to not writing! I am so sorry!! I have been super busy.....I am tired of working and have decided I want to retire and just call it all good. It has been hard to get up in the mornings....I am sure homesick....but I just hold in my heart that this is where God wants us for now. I am just thankful we have our church here. This was so funny to me....I was so down on Sunday and our pastor said he told the prison inmates when they were so very discouraged to put their hand in front of their face---then blow on their hand---did you feel that? ---BE THANKFUL! YOU STILL HAVE BREATH AND ARE ALIVE!
So I try to keep that in mind. If am having a hard time now rolling out of bed (literally rolling, fluffy girls roll)....I can not imagine when it is -30 or lower! and having to get out of bed and fight the wind and snow!! It is windy here...maybe because of the ocean (like I know what I am talking about!). I heard by several people that last year the snow was so deep it was impassible by any car and everyone had to walk to is NOTHING for people to walk in blizzards and all kinds of weather. Well back in KC---the whole city would shut down!!! They don't know the meaning of the word cold and blizzard! What am I talking about, neither do I, but I am getting ready to find out.

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