Saturday, September 5, 2009

My new sewing machine!!

Take a look at this awesome picture of me and my new sewing machine...I had to prop the camera up on some tortillas that Laura sent me to take this magnificent photo. :)
Isn't she a beauty? She is as simple as they come! Brainless to thread...which is the only kind I can thread. I have been busy putting her to work.......IT HAS TO BE AN OPERATOR ERROR because I keep making horrific mistakes! I am sick of it!!


  1. Well, it can't be perfect right from the get go. As much as the machine is beautiful, you are looking healthy! And happy! Thanks for keeping us up to date as much as you can. DaveVB

  2. I love seeing your face!!

  3. Elsie and I have read and reread all this, over and over and love it. High time your picture showed up, you are beautiful as ever, and
    the sewing machine looks like a winner. Those hunting vehicles are
    fascinating, and also the supplies.
    I can see you now, in the wilds of Alaska hunting with that little 22
    hand gun.Whow - that will be ole
    Florence at her very you gram

  4. make sure you're using the right kind of thread. my machine kept screwing up and my stitches were crazy tangled. i took my machine in to get serviced and the woman looked at the thread i had in it.... it was the wrong kind. i had been trying to use hand quilting thread which has a different kind of coating than thread made for a machine. after i started using regular thread, everything was perfect.